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LocationParkgate, Co. AntrimDecoFence Approved InstallerMoore Brothers Groundworks, Co. AntrimProductDecoFence PRO Horizontal in Anthracite Grey with TrellisShare

The section of the garden that required a new fence had a steep gradient. Moreover, the old fence in this garden was falling down on one side, causing a hazard for any children playing. The homeowners also wanted a contemporary fencing solution which would complement their new patio area, create privacy and a boundary area around their own garden.

Any new fencing solution also had obstacles to overcome in the form of two precious plum trees – the fruits of which are used to make jam.

DecoFence Pro was chosen as the product of choice due to its durable slimline profile, which meant it could neatly be installed to sit behind, but still retain, the two plum trees. DecoFence PRO horizontal shiplap in anthracite grey was selected by the homeowners due to its contemporary features. The addition of a trellis also provided the desired fencing height.

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